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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Help a Family in Need this Christmas

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Take advantage of our February Special! Love is in the hair! Love your hair by buying a conditioner and getting the shampoo 50% OFF!



Cimino Sarcoma Fund

Enter our raffle to win a free haircut going till March 31! Donations of $5 are required to enter the raffle and extra donations are appreciated as the money will be going directly to a very special client and her family due to an unfortunate circumstance.
The Cimino Family is dealing with a very aggressive kind of cancer and we want to help them as much as we can. You can read their story below. Thank you so much for your support in helping the Cimino Family!

January brought in the most wonderful gift: our third son- D'Mitri Apollo Cimino! The same week we were hit with my high grade spindle cell sarcoma diagnosis. We have spent the majority of the year dealing with my leg breaking from the size of the tumor (I have a photo if a...nyone wants to see), six dreaded chemo rounds- hospitalized each time for the week, surgery which I thought my leg was a goner, an internal bleed after the surgery, many blood transfusions and 35 treatments of radiation. I was feeling stronger than ever- just working on strengthening the leg, trying to get off the pain meds and looking forward to returning to work in January. I was able to play with Dominic (6 years old) and Dreçon (3 years old) and life was becoming a little more normal and not always about cancer.
In October I got depressed when I found out I was terminated from my position, but they would rehire me back. My wife Heather tried to keep me upbeat and spoke with Human Resources and my boss. They would rehire me when I was ready to come back, but this still cancelled all of my benefits... life insurance included which you must be cancer free for at least three years to get again. THAT WAS LIKE A JINX- on November 15th (just 2 days after my 31st birthday), the CT scan showed that BOTH of my lungs had tumors in them. The oncologist said I would have about a year to live.
Heather and I went on missions to find other answers, including flying to Sloan Kettering in Manhatten to speak to a Sarcoma Specialist. The doctor at Sloan sent a chemo protocol to my doctors in Fort Myers, Florida and we began the treatments as soon as we returned. The hope is that the tumors shrink and we are able to surgically remove them. I am currently receiving chemo.
If it weren't for my cancer, I would be the happiest man alive- Heather- my beautiful, strong wife- I hate that I burden her with all of my problems, yet she fights day in and day out for me. Dominic- my 6 year old that just started kindergarten and is such an entertainer. He is so handsome and already into the ladies. He already loves video games like me and I want to be able to share that with him. Dreçon- my 3 year old that could one day be a great surgeon as he hangs on to every detail of my ordeal and shows such interest! He is so smart, creative and determined- I have to survive this to help Heather through their teenage years! D'Mitri- my sweet baby boy... my beautiful D'Mitri that snuggles and giggles, he makes my heart sing at 10 months old. I am so sad that I have missed so much of him this first year.
Obviously with critical illnesses come not only the physical pain, but the financial burden. I feel so helpless and it breaks my heart that I am unable to provide for my family. Heather and I were both in our prime with successful careers and now everything has fallen apart. She is working less to be with me and drive me to treatments. She sits up with me late at night to help me through the depressing time when reality sets in and she starts plotting the next plan of action. I really don't think she sleeps.
Any assistance at all would be greatly appreciated.

Friday, January 11, 2013

January Promotion

It's a New Year and a New You! Start 2013 off

 with taking care of your hands! For the month

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Gently wash away impurities with our refreshing Hand Wash that contains a light moisturizer to soften and protect skin as it cleanses. Pair it with our Hand Lotion which soothes dry skin and absorbs immediately with a velvety feel.